PhD Computer Science University of Nevada - Reno
Fall 2011
CS 765 Complex Networks Video Games Modeled By Complex Networks
CS 791G Network Economics Applying Game Theory To Sender Initiated and Receiver Initiated Peer to Peer Networks
CS 795 Computability and Formal Languages Computation Theory Forums

Summer 2011
CPE 799 Dissertation

Spring 2011
CPE 799 Dissertation
GI 2011 Pet-N-Punch
FDG 2011 Real Time Sensory Substitution
Insight Journal Article
NV Nui (Submitted to UIST)
Twuist N Lock (Submitted to UIST)

Fall 2010
CPE 799 Dissertation
da Vinci Awards Finalist: VI Fit
ASSETS 2010 VI Bowling: A Tactile Spatial Exergame for Individuals with Visual Impairments

Spring 2010
CPE 799 Dissertation
FDG 2010 VI-Tennis: a vibrotactile/audio exergame for players who are visually impaired

Fall 2009
CS 691z Software Engineering
IS 675 Database Design and Implementation

Summer 2009
CS 793m Human Computer Interaction

Spring 2009
CPE 701 Internet Protocol Design
CS 791m Human Computer Interaction

Fall 2008
CS 793m Human Computer Interaction

Master Science Computer Engineering University of Nevada - Reno

Spring 2007
CPE 796 Professional Paper
Game Teleporter

Fall 2006
CPE 796 Professional Paper
Game Conversion

Spring 2006
CPE 606 Real Time Computer Systems
CPE 611 Digital Computer Architecture/Design

Fall 2005
CPE 670 Auto Mobile Robots
CS 674 Image Processing/Interpretation
Object Recognition in Video Games Video Game AI

Spring 2005
CS 793q Machine Learning
Creating a Tic Tack Toe Player with A GA

Fall 2004
CS 790KR Genetic Algorithms
Predator/Prey Attack Strategies
CS 790X Robotics

Spring 2004
CS 665 Analysis of Algorithms
CS 790QR Machine Learning
Ambient Displays of User Mood

Fall 2003
CS 646 Principals of Computer Operating Systems

BSEE Purdue University

Spring 1999
COM 318 Principles of Pursuasion
COM 324 Intro To Organizational Com
COM 325 Interview Principles Prac
EE 311 Elec and Magnetic Fields
EE 400 Elec Engr Undergrad Sem
EE 490 Sr Particip Engr Proj

Fall 1998
EE 311 Elec and Magnetic Fields
EE 438 Dig Sig Proc With Appl
EE 467 Adv Dig Sys/M-Cont Lab
EE 490 Sr Particip Engr Proj
HIST 335 Hist Art War Europe

Spring 1998
CE 297 Basic Mech I Statics
COM 435 Com and Emerging Tech
EE 302 Probabilistic Methods
EE 365 Digital Comp Design
HIST 334 Sci Tech Wstrn Cvl II

Fall 1997
CS 414 Numerical Methods
COM 250 Mass Comm and Society
EE 301 Signals and Systems
EE 305 Semiconductor Devices
EE 357 VLSI Chip Design Lab
EE 362 Micropro Sys and Interfaces

Spring 1997
EE 202 Linear Circuit Anly II
EE 208 Electron Dev and Des Lab
EE 255 Intr Electron Analysis and Des
EE 266 Digital Logic Design
EE 267 Digital Logic Design Lab
MA 262 Lin Alg Diff Equations

Fall 1996
EE 200 Electrical Engr Seminar
EE 201 Linear Circuit Anly I
EE 207 Elect Measur Techniques
EE 495 Advanced C Programming
ECON 251 Microeconomics
MA 261 Multivariate Calculus
PHYS 261 Electricity Optics

Spring 1996
CS 156 C Programming for Engr
CHM 116 General Chemistry
ENGL 101 English Compisition I
MA 162 Pl Anly Geo Calc II
PHYS 152 Mechanics

Fall 1995
CHM 115 General Chemistry
COM 114 Fundamentals of Speech
ENGR 100 Fresh Engr Lectures
ENGR 106 Intro Comp Tools Engr
MA 161 Pl Anly Geo Calc I
POL 130 Intro To Int Reltns

High School Diploma - Forest Hills Northern HS

Spring 1995
World Studies
Tech Drawing III
School Store

Fall 1994
Tech Drawing III
School Store

Spring 1994
AP US History
Checm 302
Tech Drawing II

Fall 1993
AP US History
Checm 302
Tech Drawing II
Lab Assistant

Spring 1993
Spanish III
English 10*
Algebra 2
Biology 202
World History
Tech Drawing I

Fall 1992
Spanish III
English 10*
Algebra 2
Biology 202
World History
Tech Drawing I